Six Cats Distillery is named after the cats that moved in uninvited to my flat one day in the Middle East.  There are many street cats there that have very hard lives trying to find food and remain safe from traffic and stray dogs.  Over time a few of them started visiting the flat.  There was a big orange Tabby that bullied all the other cats.  There was also a very little female who appeared very fat, that found respite from the bully by sleeping on some Toronto Maple Leaf hockey socks in the living room.

Personalized Spirits

Six Cats Distillery intends to offer unique spirits that are created for individual neighbourhoods in BC, using fruit from those same neighbourhoods. Customers will be able to purchase brandy and gin that are intimately tied to their own locales - as well as for other locations if they desire. Both brandy and gin will be created only from fruit, which will come either from provincial orchards, or from individual fruit trees in customers' yards.

A great deal of fruit in BC neighbourhoods is never eaten, and falls to the ground where it rots. Instead, by collecting this fruit and sending it to the distillery, customers will be able to have their own unique spirits that reflect their own properties and their own tastes.


Coming Soon:

Claire's Apple Spirits, Sophie’s Sloe Gin, and Berlioz’s Brandy.


Current Activities

Six Cats finally has a home!

101- 39279 Queens Way, Squamish.

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